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My name is Tunai (Ta-Nay) Anderson. I am 34 years old. A wife of 8 years (married to my first love and High School Sweetheart) and Mother of 2 beautiful children, Karday Ray & Kori Kimora-Raye Eve. Wifehood and Motherhood are two of the roles that have changed my life. Both roles are continuing to teach me the true definition of unconditional love, sacrifice, selflessness, personal growth and moreover, how I can only attain such values with the help of God. 

I recently created a Blog “tunaiscloset”. I use this platform to share my realities with others; through personal stories and testimonies all while remaining transparent and offering Biblical references. “Life is meant to be lived; cherish the exciting moments and rest in those all too brief moments of relaxation. I am here to live my own life, and live it to the fullest. Tunai’s Closet serves as a vessel to project my passions, and clue in readers to the source that inspires me in this crazy world.- God”  www.tunaianderson.wixsite.com/website

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Aside from my daily duties supporting my Husband who is in his last year of becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, raising my two children, working full time as a Child Development Mentor and Coach, and blogging (geez my plate is full)- I enjoy spending time with my family, music, shopping and anything that promotes relaxation and knowledge.   

Early in my marriage I was full of hurt. Not too often but often enough whenever I became upset, or didn’t have my way I would react in a childish and disrespectful way. I would throw things, leave the situation and speak death into my own life. Not knowing at the time where exactly this was coming from, I grew to learn that my past relationships and hurts were the root of some of these issues, not to mention lacking the spiritual tools to fight off these negative thoughts and emotions. I began to peel back the layers of my life that left negative imprints on my soul and would take these hurts and lay them at the altar of God by giving it all to him through prayer. Slowly but surely God began to reveal himself to me through is word. I also realized that the hurts in my life were created to be used as stepping stones to the next step God wanted to take me in my life. This growth that took place almost six years ago is still happening today. Who knew that I would have the courage and will to want to open up and share things about me and my life to help encourage and inspire others.

As a newly-wed the excitement of marriage was at its peak! My husband and I knew that prayer was an essential part of our marriage; but we weren’t quite sure how to go about it and didn’t have the tools we needed to fight off the enemy. For me and my journey we married considerably young (25 years old) compared to those within our circle of friends. After finding a place of worship where the Gospel (the truth) was being preached we knew that this certainly was the key to change. I grew up in the church but I wasn’t ready to receive the true teachings of the bible at that time. When the truth is being preached there is something internal that takes place. Surrendering took place the day my husband and I decided to both re-dedicate our lives to Christ and got baptized together in the Holy Spirit.


A year and a half after finding a church home in 2011, I became pregnant with my 2ndchild. Just when I thought I was finally getting into the flow of juggling being a wife and mother I was unprepared for baby # 2, so I thought.  

First comes love then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Sweet little playground jingle- one of which I would often sing. Well now that I had love, marriage and 2 little babies out of the baby carriage- let’s get real. 

Parenting has its way of maturing you, challenging you, frustrating you, humbling you, exhausting you and getting you closer to becoming completely self-less. Parenting requires daily duties and routines that require you to be a nurse, chef, teacher, personal driver, referee (if you have multiples), caregiver, advocate, maid, playmate, feeling validator, and if I had more time- so much more 24/7!! Within myself I am overwhelmed and discouraged by all that is required of me, but with God it takes a huge load off me not having to depend on my own strength. There are moments when I doubt myself however; there’s not a moment that goes by that I am reminded that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). These two little people do not belong to me. God has given me this temporary assignment of instructing them, guiding them and loving them. God’s word has reminded me that it is within my job description as a mother “to teach my children his ways so that when they are older they will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6.) I am to discipline my children which is correcting them when they are wrong with love and not to provoke them. According to my job description as a parent in the word of God, I am called to teach them when they wake up, when we sit around, when we are out in the world, and when we lay down (Deuteronomy 11:19) – I have a mighty job on my hands. This by far outweighs the description for my day job. 


As I continue to grow in my faith, grow in my marriage and grow as a mother, there is so much learning that is taking place and that will forever take place as I continue to grow in God’s word. I am so thankful that I was obedient to the voice of God who instructed me to begin to write about my own personal struggles and life experiences as I relay on his word and biblical scriptures. Over the year I have received so many inspiring messages from others who were encouraged by something I said, wrote or posted. It’s in those moments I am able to share that I am just the vessel but God is the messenger and ultimate healer and true source behind it all. I am so appreciative of the platform and opportunity to share someof my journey with you all and grateful for Bonafide Moms Spot where we are not judged and able to simply be “us”! I encourage you all to begin to peel back the layers of yourself, get quiet and pray. 

~ Tunai

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