Deon Phillips: Mastering Motherhood, Music, & School!

Hey BONNIFIED MOMS I am so honored to be featured on this week’s feature.  My name is Deon. I have two wonderful boys by the name of Ledgen(legend) and Chace and two step daughters with my boyfriend Quan by the name of Neaveh and Lalia . We live in Georgia, but I am from southwest Philly. I am a female rapper/student AND ONE OF THE BEST TITLES THERE IS BEING MOMMY! I wont sit hear and say that my life is perfectly in order because it is not! It is hard and confusing at times, but I have a smile on my face daily that I get through it because I am doing everything, I said I would! From recording music to be the worlds best mom to okay time to be a student. Very hectic but it gets completed daily.

I have been rapping since I was about 16, but I couldn’t let my mom know what I was into that. She wanted me to focus more on sports, school, and being a lady, but WHAT CAN I SAY MUSIC IS LIFE. I Go to the studio at least 4 to 5 TIMES out the week and I have to write songs in between being mom and homework. The Hardest thing I thought to do was to pat your head and rub your tummy while walking! or even TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN HOW TO POTTY! Boy was I wrong, it is chasing your dreams while still being mom and continuing education while looking Good (Just kidding) seriously it is tough. I have joy in all that I do, so the wild is worth it to me. In other words, going to school has got to be the best feeling in the world, I have a 3.5 GPA and I will soon graduate with a degree in Psychology. Some may look at school as a debt collector, however I feel that once you have a plan and put in action with your plan anything can happen! 

I sometimes get doubting questions like How can you do all of this and rap!? I even get people trying to talk me out of it. School is a career, rapping I love going to school and being a female rapper, I literally turn it all into one. I talk about my music in my classes my professors are even cheering me on. I even listen to all my tracks while doing my work It’s like I prefect my craft while perfecting my career! I never thought I would do my rapping career full time because I was worried what others thought, would people like my music? Am I too old to keep fighting this dream? I still deal with days of not wanting to do anything because I am so tired from the days before of being mom cleaning the house making sure the boys are not being boys play fighting , tracking dirt in the house , but once you block the negative thoughts and just go with the flow, you won’t have to worry about not doing what you want and love to do. I almost gave up on school and rapping but to hear my children say mom your music sounds good, or I cannot wait till your songs are on the radio is what keeps me going.

The journey is hard and is so rough making sure the kids get to practices, or even making sure I pick them up from school, then they have homework before I do any recording, but this is after I cook dinner and check the kids home work. By the time we eat its time to either record or write a song. I take my sons with me in the studio just about every time I go. It is so hard to find a sitter you can trust now days. I have my boyfriend, but he travels for his dreams he has been chasing as well, but when he is home, I have great help from him. I have a great support team around me when it comes to going to the studio to record. My children know my lyrics and that’s the BEST FEELING IN THE WORLD! It really brings tears to my eyes because they know my song and I just get emotional because I have come a long way and I know the universe is not done with me yet! The motivation to keep me afloat is knowing I am showing my children that dreams do come true, even while earning a degree.

From Sleeping on friends’ couches, to getting kicked out from my mother house with my children, to sleeping in hotels, to almost losing my life twice, and to people selling me false dreams I won’t let nothing get in the way of my journey. Being a mom has changed my life so much to the point where I can no longer say  “No I can’t do that “ and just do it, or doubt myself about school “ School is so hard I can’t do it,” I had so many trials to getting back into school it is a blessing in the end that I am back and almost done with completing my degree.  Being a mom over powers everything I do, because my motivation are my children. They are the reason I have the energy and drive I do about the things I do because they are watching. Being a BONNIFIED MOM NEVER STOPS EVEN WHEN YOU ARE CHASING DREAMS!