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Before your able to decide which feature suits you best we gotta give you all the dets about both...


We try our best every Friday to feature one fabulous mom like yourself. Heres how it works; Once we have received your submission form we will be in contact with you via email to discuss the technicalities of your feature. Once we've discussed the need to knows you will then be asked to send us a written blog piece in addition, to photos that you feel best illustrate the topic/journey you are sharing with The Bonafide Moms Spot by your discussed deadline. 

Your bonafide mom contribution will be published at 12:00pm EST to The Bonafide Moms Spot website. Your feature will also be displayed on our websites homepage starting at 12:00pm on the scheduled Friday and ending at 12:00am the following Tuesday. You as well as our visitors will also be able to find post regarding your contribution on social media platforms which include Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.   


We know and understand motherhood is a superpower. And we want to take the time out to let you know we see you working out this mom life. we feature a mom who is nothing short of super. A mom who makes things happen, teaches, loves, works, plays, and more. 

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