There are two different ways we celebrate motherhood. One way is what we call a bonafide mom feature and the second feature we call super mom Sunday. This is a blog by moms for moms so our platform is open for all moms to glow in the spot light and share as openly and freely as she chooses. 

Every Friday we publish a #BonafideMomFeature. We schedule a mom to guest feature at The Bonafide Moms Spot. She will be asked to write a blog piece (she can also use a work that has previously been published) sharing whatever she'd like. Our moms share things such as words of wisdom, the journey, tips, tricks, love, and more.

Our second type of feature is called #SuperMomSunday. Every fourth Sunday of the month we schedule a mom to guest feature on The Bonafide Moms Spot blog as well as our Youtube channel. In addition to requesting a blog like we do on Fridays, our guest contributor will be asked to have a video conference call with Tyler to discuss a special topic. That video conference call then becomes a published Vlog published to Youtube on the scheduled Sunday.

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